Add a new role in RBAC UI

There are five roles created for Airflow by default: Admin, User, Op, Viewer, and Public. The master branch adds beta support for DAG level access for RBAC UI. Each DAG comes with two permissions: read and write.

The Admin could create a specific role which is only allowed to read / write certain DAGs. To configure a new role, go to Security tab and click List Roles in the new UI.

../_images/add-role.png ../_images/new-role.png

The image shows the creation of a role which can only write to example_python_operator. You can also create roles via the CLI using the airflow roles command, e.g.:

airflow roles –create Role1 Role2

And we could assign the given role to a new user using the airflow users --add-role CLI command. Default roles(Admin, User, Viewer, Op) shipped with RBAC could view the details for every dag.